Meet Our Farmers: Rudy Carcamo

Meet Rudy Carcamo, from La Union, Honduras, Coffee Farmer

rudy carcamo honduras coffee farmer

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After cupping several coffees from different farmers in Honduras, we picked a microlot from a farmer named Rudy Carcamo. It was a stroke of modern luck that a connection was made via social media that led us to meet Rudy. That connection led to conversation, which led to a trip to meet him in person and visit his farm in La Union, Honduras.

Weekly communication and Rudy’s interest in learning more about growing specialty coffee has grown into a strong relationship and paved the way for offering special coffees like the Natural Process Honduras and Pulped Natural Honduras, as well as expansion of his farm. His hard work and dedication to producing excellent coffee is hard to match.

Technical Information:

Location/Farm Name: El Águila/El Joconal
Farm Size: 4 manzanas (6.9 acres)
Elevation: 1,445 masl
Varietal: Lempira, IHCAFE 90, Red Catuai, Yellow Catuai
Drying: Patio, Solar Dryer
Export Preparation: Five Defect European Process

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