Roasting Proclamation

Kodachrome Roasting Proclamation:

Just like shooting with film cameras, one had to know their equipment and all the functions to increase the chances of getting that "perfect shot." Remember, photographers only had anywhere from 10-36 exposures per roll of film. This means they had to really know their camera settings and the film they were using to get the best pictures. In coffee roasting, there is no difference. We import anywhere from 1 sack to 100 per year of various lots. This means we need to know our roaster well enough to manipulate how the coffee will turn out in the end. Below is our philosophy behind or roasting.

APERTURE: We consider this our gas settings. Just like controlling the area of light that can enter your camera, gas settings (controlled in percentages) control the amount of conductive heat is directed at the coffee

ISO: We consider this our air settings. Just like controlling the the sensitivity of for your camera's sensor to a given amount of light, air control settings on a roaster control the amount of air flowing through the drum. This controls the amount of convective heat applied to the coffee in the drum.

SHUTTER SPEED: We consider this the development time ratio. Just like controlling the amount of duration light is exposed to the film (coffee is our film), our "shutter speed" is the Development Time Ratio. This is how long we want to have our coffee exposed to heat. We ideally shoot for anywhere between 15% and 20%